The Food At Mozaic. Let yourself be taken through a discovery of Bali, its ingredients, its flavors and its seasons. A sample menu below
Cuttlefish Mosaic, seasonal melons, fresh green pepper and vanilla bean
Indian Ocean Prawns, Pickled Radish, Fresh Torch Ginger Flower
Confied Coral Trout, Smoked Corn Puree, Balinese Suna Cekuh
Rice Husk Smoked Duck Breast and Foie Gras Terrine, Sundanese Black Nut
Kintamani Suckling Pig, Javanese Pomelo Purée, Baby Kailan
Slow cooked Lamb Loin, Young Jackfruit, Cardamom infused Demi-Glaçe
Seven Textures of Coconut
Trio of Valrhona Chocolate and Seasonal Balinese Citrus
Our Wines and Wine Pairings

Mozaic restaurant offers one of the most comprehensive wines lists in Bali. Over the past 15 years Mozaic’s director of wines, Mr Cok Senajaya, has carefully collected more than 160 vintages including 20 Grands Crus in order to please every wine drinker from beginners to aficionados and to offer some an amazing pairings of wines to each dish offered at Mozaic

Cocktails and Bites

The Mozaic Lounge features small tastes of Mozaic’s cuisine and drinks. An array of small plates from the famed restaurant’s kitchen will include samples of a number of delightful bites. Equal to the Mozaic kitchen in creativity, the Lounge’s bar team will surprise your taste buds with a dynamic combination of creative Signature drinks -­ try the likes of a ‘Mozaic Crush’ or ‘Spice Breeze’